Community Outreach Ministry

Church for all Nations is a Christian charity organisation, situated in the Abbey Wood Community in the Greenwich Borough. We have been reaching out to the community and its environs in various ways since 1999. We have been able to successfully meet the needs of Pensioners, Single parents, Schools, the elderly and children within the community. Our mission is to be salt and light like Christ said we are. The amazing thing is this arm of the ministry effectively reaches a clientele that is over 98% Caucasian.

Breakdown of Activities
October 2008
A new frontier to bring God's hope and joy to people has now started at Dovedale House Welling, a residential home on Oct.19th with fifteen people joyfully responding to the Christian message.
New initiative started by Junior Church teachers and children in the past two weeks on a Sunday they have adopted a near by Children's playground where they go and share sweets, drinks and Christian literature geared specifically to children.

September 2008
14th September, we started a weekly Sunday service at Plumstead Lodge a Residential Home of about 35 residents, the gospel is shared weekly to God's glory.
On Sept 18th, the gospel was shared with the Civil Service Pensioners group which meets at the Abbey Wood Community hall, 24 people were ministered to and given grocery bags.

August 2008
On 12th August we ministered the gospel to the Bingo club members that meet weekly on Tuesdays at the Abbey Wood Community centre; 50 Pensioners. They were also each presented with grocery bags worth 15 each. For a period of 3 weeks, the gospel was ministered to the residents of Danson Residential home in Bexley.

July 2008
A dinner was also organised for singles in and outside the church community where the issues of immoral sex and pertinent youth issues were dealt with in a luxurious setting at the Chinese Restaurant at the North Greenwich Peninsula.
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June 2008
A Couples Dinner was organised also as an outreach. This was well attended. Useful information on making marriages more effective was shared. Couples had time to play games, dance and let their hair down in a non church environment. It is time to bring excitement back to marriages inside and outside the Church.

June/July 2008
Bibles were presented to Year Six students of the following Primary Schools;
1. Mayplace Primary School Barnhurst, (57 Bibles)
2. Parkway Primary School, Erith (30 Bibles)
3. Hawksmoor School, Thamesmead (60 Bibles)
4. Alexander Mc Leod Primary School, Abbey Wood. (30 Bibles)

March 2008
A Tea ministry (tea, biscuits, drinks and chocolates are given out by this team) was started to bless the general community in Abbey Wood regardless of creed or race. To date approximately 320 people have been served and it is amazing that these people gladly take Christian literature offered to them.

2007 Christmas
A total of 200 hampers were given out to different groups during Christmas in 2007. This includes;
1. The pensioners at the Abbey Wood and C2K Community Halls, 40 bags
2. Listening Ears (a group that reaches out to the disenfranchised outside the church).
3. The Jumoke Centre, Abbey Wood
4. Low income people in the Woolwich, Abbey Wood and Eltham areas. This was done in liaison with the
Greenwich Council
5. Jesus Pavilion (RCCG)
6. Single mums and students within Church for all Nations
7. Toiletries to residents in Weybourne Residential Home for the aged

2007 June/July
The ministry continued supporting the pensioners and Weybourne Residential Home, with grocery bags. God opened the doors for Pastor Jide Erin-Oluwa to conduct assembly to students at De Lucy Primary School Abbey Wood. 13 copies of "The Lion Graphic Bible" were donated to De Lucy primary school, Abbey Wood.
At Mayplace Primary School Barnhurst, assembly was conducted three to four times and the Christian testimony was shared with a positive response. 60 copies of "The Lion Graphic Bibles" were given to the year six students with the aim of helping shore up a moral value system in these young lives as they get into the "big world" of Secondary School.

2006 Christmas
A total of 50 grocery bags were given out to the pensioners and needy in Abbey Wood and cheques were also given out to support single mothers and their children.

2006 Easter
Again we gave out a total of 60 bags, 20 of which were given out to pensioners who meet weekly at the C2K Community Centre the premises "Church for All Nations" hires. We also gave hampers to the caretakers of the C2K Comm. Centre. We also gave gifts (including Rick Warren's best seller 40 Days of purpose) to the managers of Safeway, Lidl, Wilkinsons and other small retail shops. Christian books, Argos vouchers and cheques were also donated to the Childrens' wards of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich and Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup.

Newspaper Ministry. Sunday Newspapers are given out for free with Christian literature. Approximately 80 people reached via this outreach.

2005 December
We were able to present groceries to the needy, single parents and the pensioners within Abbey Wood and Thamesmead areas as part of our Christmas project. In total 45 bags were given out. We were able to share the joy of Christmas and make people smile.

2004 April
We started a church service at Weybourne Residential home for the aged 1 Finchale Road, Abbey Wood. This home has 40 residents. The word of God is shared with them every Sunday; we also minister various contemporary songs and Hymns which the residents look forward to every Sunday. Apart from meeting their spiritual needs, we also meet their physical needs by donating toiletries, Chocolates and supporting the home with one off financial donations. We also ensure we have a Christmas service for them every year presenting the residents with gifts.