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Real Life Testimonies from Pastor E.A Adeboye
SOMEBODY SHOUT HALLELUYAH!!! This is amazing. read and pass on. then meditate and wait for God's abounding blessings. God is powerful. He will bless you all.

Don't Deny Him
During and after the last Fasting and Prayer session we had in July 2007, by the power of the Holy Ghost, I now spend more time reading the Bible. I developed a new habit of reading my Bible when I am commuting to work in the morning instead of reading newspapers.

Do you know Jesus can heal?
My mum has been ill for over 3 years, had gone for various medical tests both in Nigeria and London without being given a proper diagnosis. When she visited me in London in 2007 I realised how serious her condition was.

I am Healed
I will like to testify to the glory of God for healing me of agonising body pains for the past 5 days. At the Friday Prayer meeting, the Pastor led by the Holy Spirit prayed specifically for those having pains. However, nothing happened, it just got worse. On Sunday, I dragged myself to church. As people testified of their healing and deliverance concerning the Friday prayer meeting, I felt uneasy, as I thought I ought to be among them!

Receiving by Faith
On the 29th of October 07, I woke up with a very severe back pain. I took some pain killers and prayed, but the pain continued got worse and I had to leave work early. I was prescribed a very strong analgesic to relieve the pain.

God Delivered Us
On 8 April, 2005, I was travelling to Colchester with my fiancée on the A12 (a dual carriage way). A white car in front of us swerved into our lane causing me to lose control of the car. While the car was spinning round, we kept on calling Jesus until the car stopped. In an instant, our lives flashed in front of us and we knew that it was only because of the grace of God that our lives were spared.