Just get up and do it

Pastor Jide Erin-Oluwa - 12 Oct 2008

Text : Luke 15: 8-10. The lady who lost a silver coin did not get into a debate if the coin was really lost neither did she analyse the fact if the coin was lost or not. She did not question her sanity or debate the essence of searching for a coin when she had in her posession nine coins which represents 90% which in any worldly standard is pretty good. However the mind of God is excellence 100%.

She got up, got a light and a broom and combed the house and eventually got the lost coin. The end was she rejoiced with her friends; this is how the church representing Jesus Christ should just get up and use the faith God has given us and seek out lost souls. This will result in heaven rejoicing at the repentance of souls that have now come into the kingdom of God.

The only thing that compels us to act is love. God loves you. This is an undeniable fact. All we have to do is look at the cross and the grave they are empty. God came to save you and I from sin and from ourselves. You are loved by God.

Secondly, God has empowered you Gen1:26-28. God has given me authority and power to have dominion over a sphere of influence. On searching you will discover you have skills in teaching, singing, beauty, smiling, preaching, engineering, building, making profit etc. You must discover your gift because this will empower you and make room for you and cause you to expand and dominate not only spiritually but in other sectors of your life.

God has created an avenue for companionship. Gen 2:23-25. If you are of marriageable age, take up prayer it is an effective tool to bring down your inheritance, use your faith and do not be complacent. Also confess and proclaim the word of God and simply take that Christ has wrought on the cross.

Kings in action. As we now know that we are loved by God and we have been made kings to have dominion, we as Christians are to behave like kings and not servants. We are a people of action; actively caring, actively serving, studying, actively loving people, actively saving souls. Let us go back to the reality we once knew. This month let us commit to reaching out to our colleagues, friends, family and neighbours and show them love. We can buy fruits, chocolate and tell them we love them and we are simply expressing our love to them as we are christians who are putting into practice what we believe and know is in the word. Let God's kingdom come, let His will be done in my life, family, street, town, city and country in Jesus name.

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